Injury Rehabilitation

Sports and Remedial Massage may not only promote recovery, but treatment can also assist in preventing further injury through the rehabilitation of weakened structures. 

If you participate regularly in sports and have suffered an injury, whether it was one week ago or it was as long as a few months in the past, you should not have to attempt to tolerate pain and discomfort which restricts you from performing at your peak. It would be recommended you have an hours session to begin with to allow time for assessments and time at the end to be shown rehabilitation exercises to assist in recovery.

If you do not participate in sport or any physical activity for that matter, that does not mean you should not seek treatment after you have had an injury. Injuries can negatively impact our daily lives both physically and mentally, which is why treatments, whether it is through the NHS or if applicable, manual therapy, should be sought out.

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30 Minute Sports and Remedial Massage

Recommended for those who have had a previous treatment or a minor area of complaint.



Sports Massage


1 Hour Sports and Remedial Massage

Recommended for 1st time clients to allow for subjective and objective assessments with manual treatment.



Sports Massage

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