Sports and Remedial Massage may be used on a variety of people and dysfunctions, below are a few reasons why you may want to receive treatment and how treatments may benefit you. Treatments are not restricted to what is shown, please make an enquiry if you are unsure whether you may benefit from a treatment.

Muscular Aches and/or Tightness


Whether you have a sedentary or active lifestyle, there can be many reasons as to why you may experience muscular tightness and/ or discomfort.


Treatments aim to not only assist in relieving these symptoms, but to assess why you may have exhibited them so preventative measures may be attempted.

Vocal Massage (Performers/Singers)


Singers and Performers apply consistent stress through the muscles of the face, neck and core from their dedication to the art.

Vocal Massage aims to relieve any potential dysfunctions and compensations developed from excessive use which may be restricting performance.


Injury Rehabilitation

An injury can prevent you from participating not only in hobbies such as your sport, but also essential daily activities.

Manual Therapy can help to alleviate pain, but we will also discuss how to rehabilitate the soft tissue to prevent further injuries occurring due to the weakened structure.


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