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Vocal Massage

Are you a Singer, Performer or someone who projects their voice frequently as part of their lifestyle? 


Vocal Massage aims to target key areas where tension may develop in people with these type of occupations such as the face, neck and core muscle groups. Through this, you will also be assessed to evaluate whether certain muscle groups may be compensating, then if the evaluation is positive, we will take corrective action so that you may achieve better power, tone and range in your voice.

This is a treatment which is rarely advertised, however I developed a high interest in this area due to my partner, who is a professional performer, having severe discomfort in these regions and explained to me how difficult it is to not only find a therapist who offers these types of treatments in the South, but also one which is affordable. It was then that I decided to enrol myself onto a CDP course for Vocal Massage and hone my techniques and skills to provide it professionally, helping others with similar struggles.

For more information, please make an enquiry or contact me on Joshua@JATherapy.co.uk.


30 Minute Vocal Massage

Recommended for those who have had a previous treatment or a minor area of complaint.



Vocal Massage


1 Hour Vocal Massage

Recommended for 1st time clients to allow for subjective and objective assessments with manual treatment.